About us

Dr Youmna Mouhamad is the founder and director of Myana Natural and a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise fellow (2020) in the University of South Wales. Youmna has a Bachelors degree in Chemistry /Physics from Marseille Aix University, an Mphys in Physics from Leeds University and a PhD in polymer physics from Sheffield University.

After obtaining her Doctorate, she joined Swansea University College of Engineering as a research scientist, gaining expertise in the field of printed electronics. Using her knowledge in the field of printing and coating, she has developed an innovative product which aims to facilitate the maintenance of afro hair. She was recently awarded an enterprise fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering to commercialise her innovation.

Youmna firmly believes that there is wealth in diversity. While at Swansea University, she sat on the committee of Soapbox Science; an initiative which invites female scientists to share their research; to inspire young women to pursue STEM subjects. She also founded the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students in Engineering Network at Swansea University, which aims to raise the awareness of the challenges that BAME students and staff experience, and suggest interventions. Her Swansea University colleagues nominated her among the 12 most inspiring women 2020 and she is a Chwarea Teg Womanspisre STEM 2020 finalist.